RJ Shubha

About my show!

This is RJ Shubha with the show Dumdaar Harbaar, global fusion. My show is all about educating listeners on songs on various independent artists around the world in various languages and talking about those Indie artists and their songs. Language is not a barrier in my show.

What do I do for fun

I love writing. I have my poem blog, other than that I love watching romcom web series , cooking, travelling and sketching.

Movie I can watch a 100 times?

ZNMD, 3 idiots, Barfi, KUch kuch hota hai

How would people know it’s u

The moment I say- Mumbaichi mulgi they know it’s me.

Fav line

Put that frown upside down and give a wide beautiful smile becoz that’s the most beautiful makeup that you can wear on ur face