RJ Rupesh

About my show!

“Saturday Evening Masti”, where I play the grooviest and latest Hindi songs to get you in the weekend mood. Each week, I bring you a new theme, featuring the latest hits and some classics from Bollywood. From romantic ballads to upbeat dance tracks, my show has got you covered. So, tune in and enjoy the latest and greatest tracks from the world of Hindi music. Whether you’re driving, partying or just relaxing at home, I will have the perfect playlist to keep you entertained.

So, join me every Saturday night, 7-8 pm central time for a fun-filled and entertaining ride through the world of Hindi music. I promise to keep you grooving all night long!

Fun facts about me

I may not follow every sport but have played most sports (none professionally), from basketball to cricket, soccer to baseball, and tennis to volleyball. One of the sports I haven’t tried yet is ice hockey, but who knows, maybe I’ll give it a shot someday!

What do I do for fun?

I enjoy playing tennis and my recent passion, pickleball. Love watching movies…. and enjoy movies in all languages and all genres. I guess no one can beat me on OTT binge-watching.

Movie I can watch a 100 times?

There are many..

Hindi : Angoor to Zindagi na milegi dobara

Malayalam : Spadikam to Bangalore Days

English : Indiana Jones to James Bond to Harry Potter

How would people know you on the radio?

Fir se aagaya hoon appko sunane masti bhare foot tapping songs!!