Anya Ahuja

“The “Youth Spotlight with Anya” show brings enriching, uplifting, and entertaining content to Radio Caravan listeners as it features current topics, interviews with prominent, inspirational individuals (Actors, sportsman, entrepreneur, public figures, performers, singers, etc), and provides a platform for talented youth to showcase their thoughts, ideas, achievements, and passions. I strive to make my show a platform for all youth to feel heard, seen, and celebrated by showcasing diverse stories and individuals. The Youth Spotlight also focuses on community engagement by providing a platform for diverse groups and non-profit organizations to share their stories. ”

Fun Facts about me

I am the youngest Radio host in Texas as I started being a Radio Host at the age of 11!! I MC/host events across the United States, and I am a writer for local magazines. You will find me with headphones in, listening to my favorite beats(and fun fact, I organize my music playlists by the month and not by mood/genre because I think it assigns a vibe to every month). I also enjoy journaling and reading!

What do I do for fun?

I love listening to music (especially BTS ????),reading books (predominatly autobiographies and fantasy), writing and staying creative. I enjoy running/exercising with music. Spending time with my furry pet, Wonder and catching up with my friends every day are also my favorite things. I am also dabbling in singing and learning Spanish.

Movie I can watch a 100 times?

Zindagi Na Meligi Dobara, all 8 of the Harry Potter movies. Johnny English Reborn, and the list goes on and on!

To become a lawyer and make a mark on the world in whatever positive way I can. Enjoy life to the fullest and stay happy

How would people know you on the radio ? Fav Line that you say all the time?

“Stay curious, stay active, stay positive, and above all stay safe y’all!”; “Happy happy Monday everyone”