The 94.5FM HD2, 700 AM, 104.1FM, 94.5 FM HD3 are they free radio stations?

Yes they are Free 24/7 in your car or at home radio’s.

Whom to contact if we have any questions to advertise?

Please call to Shabnam : (214) 675-1754 or email us at shabnam@jointhecaravan.com

What is HD?

DTS sound transforms your Home or Car.  5.1 Surround Sound.  Better sound than FM/AM.  HD Radio stations broadcast a digital signal over traditional radio frequencies allowing for up to three additional stations of new local content.

Let’s say your favorite local radio station is on 99.9FM. With HD Radio technology, that same station is being broadcast in digital sound on 96.9 HD1. Plus you can access all new content on up to three additional stations: 99.9 HD2, HD3, and HD4.  We are on HD

What Model Cars comes with HD Radio’s?

I do not have a HD Radio in my Car. What are my options?

The most economic way is to purchase a Car Radio with HD Tuner.  You may find one at the following site:


I don’t have a HD Radio I want to purchase one. Which one do you suggest?

What is HD Radio Technology?

HD Radio technology is the digital broadcast of your local AM/FM stations. Many of your favorite stations broadcast a digital signal that allows you additional features that wouldn’t exist on an Analog signal.

How does my Radio pick up the digital signal?

In order for your radio to receive the digital signal, it needs to be a certified digital receiver. Currently, there are New Car, Auto Aftermarket, Home, and Portable options available to you. Visit the ‘Get A Radio’ section of HDRadio.com for more information.

Where can i find a Receiver?

HD Radio receivers are available at local Electronics retailers and online. To see a list of retailers, visit the ‘Get A Radio’ section of HDRadio.com.

How much does an HD Radio Broadcast cost a month?

HD Radio broadcasts are completely subscription-free, it’s your local AM & FM stations. The only requirement to listen on a HD Radio receiver, but after that, it’s cost free for the life of the receiver.

How do I discover new programming in my area?

New programming is discovered through the station guide on HDRadio.com, the HDRadio Guide App (available on iOS and Android), and through your local broadcasters.

How can I contact my local HD Radio Station?

Visit the Station Guide section of HDRadio.com to find your local station. The station guide will show you available ways to connect with the station.

Do all radios receive HD radio signal?

No, In order to receive the digital signal, you must have an HD Radio receiver. Visit the ‘Get A Radio’ section to see what receivers are available.

What happens if I lose the HD radio signal?

If your HD Radio tuner loses the station’s digital signal, it will automatically switch over to the analog signal broadcast at the same frequency. There may be a slight break in the sound when this happens. When the tuner is back in range of your station’s HD Radio signal, it will automatically go back to the digital broadcast.

Is an HD radio broadcast the same as satellite radio?

No, HD Radio technology enables local AM & FM broadcasters to offer better sound and additional digital content for free. Satellite radio offers select programming across a national footprint for a monthly subscription fee.


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