“Life Beats with Sirisha” is a weekly radio talk show for the South Asian community. My goal is to help listeners learn and take advantage of the available opportunities to succeed both personally and professionally. The show features guest speakers who share their experiences and expertise in various fields such as career, finance, and education. The topics covered are broad-ranging, from job search and content creation to STEM education, mental health, school culture, the non-profit sector, career journeys, financial empowerment, leadership paths, and more. I strive to create a platform where diverse voices and perspectives are heard, fostering engagement and building a stronger community.

Fun Facts

I stood for my first elections and got elected to the Board of Governors at The Podcast Academy. I have pivoted from a career in Corporate Tech to being a Founder and Content Media creator. I do Keynote Speaking on Women, Leadership and Financial Empowerment at Fortune 10 and other organizations.

One of the coolest things is I am on a African Gospel music video, but sadly you can see only my profile and my massive blue backpack. I spent my childhood years surrounded by a veritable forest with frequently wandering deer and lots of mischivious monkeys.

What do I do for fun?

I like taking road trips- traversed over 26 states in US and many national parks., reading and meeting new people over chai. I host a podcast “Women, Career & Life”

Movie I can watch a 100 times?


How would people know you on the radio? Fav line that you say all the time?

Tune in to Life Beats with Sirisha and let your heartbeat to the rhythm of success.