About Our CEO

Vaishali Thakkar

Vaishali Thakkar Is one of Dallas Fort Worth’s visionary Woman Entrepreneurs and is the CEO of  FunAsiA Network’s.

FunAsiA Networks is  the largest owner operator Internationally of South Asian Radio Stations and consists of 28 Radio Stations World-Wide.

As the CEO, she has built & nurtured 3 Major Radio Brands – FunAsiA, Radio Mirchi & Big FM that every South Asian Resident of Dallas Listens too.  The Strong Community Based Radio Network encourages South Asian Community Organizations and Non – Profits by providing them a Gigantic Platform & and Audience of 800,000 South Asians . FunAsiA Radio acts as a Bridge between the diverse South Asian Communities in DFW.

Radio Caravan has now joined the FunAsiA Family .

She is also the CEO of FunAsiA – Entertainment …  Once again as  CEO, she has built an Interesting Live Entertainment and Concert Business that promotes executes some of the Finest Musical & Film Talent from India & Pakistan. There is a Special focus on Festive Led Community Events for the INDO – Pakistani Communities of DFW who religiously attend these Extravaganzas and sell out every Event !

Last but not the least she is also the CEO of Perfect Tax & Finance and
under her leadership, Perfect Tax & Finance has achieved substantial growth in tax services and foreign compliance needs. The firm was on the list of Inc. 5000 recognized by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as a Blue-Ribbon Small Business of the Year award winner in 2016